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Line 3: Line 3:
 from http://​​2014/​04/​draw-error-ellipse-representing-covariance-matrix/​ from http://​​2014/​04/​draw-error-ellipse-representing-covariance-matrix/​
-<code matlab>+<code matlab ​error_ellipse.m>
 clear all; clear all;
 close all; close all;
Line 73: Line 73:
 mindata = min(min(data));​ mindata = min(min(data));​
 maxdata = max(max(data));​ maxdata = max(max(data));​
-Xlim([mindata-3,​ maxdata+3]);​ +xlim([mindata-3,​ maxdata+3]);​ 
-Ylim([mindata-3,​ maxdata+3]);​+ylim([mindata-3,​ maxdata+3]);​
 hold on; hold on;
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