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 ===== Monkeypsych ===== ===== Monkeypsych =====
 [[Monkeypsych:​Monkeypsych_installation]] [[Monkeypsych:​Monkeypsych_installation]]
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 [[Git:​Git_Resources]] [[Git:​Git_Resources]]
 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====
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 [[ePhys pipeline:1) Pipeline overview]] [[ePhys pipeline:1) Pipeline overview]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:​2) ​phys_gui]]+[[ePhys pipeline:​2) ​Synchronization]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:​3) ​Sorting]]+[[ePhys pipeline:​3) ​phys_gui]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:​4) ​Meta-info]]+[[ePhys pipeline:​4) ​Sorting]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:​5) ​TDT Trial structure]]+[[ePhys pipeline:​5) ​Meta-info]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:​6) ​Synchronization]]+[[ePhys pipeline:​6) ​TDT Trial structure]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:3Electrode depth file]]+[[ePhys pipeline:7ToDo]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:4waveclus]]+[[ePhys pipeline:8External links]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:5) plexon]] 
-[[ePhys pipeline:6) plx file table]] 
-[[ePhys pipeline:7) Same cells file]] 
-[[ePhys ​pipeline:8) Sorted neurons table]]+===== spike analysis ​pipeline ​=====
-[[ePhys pipeline:waveclus]]+[[spike analysis ​pipeline:1 Pipeline overview]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:Electrode depth file]]+[[spike analysis ​pipeline:2 Interactions with other pipelines]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:Same cells file]]+[[spike analysis ​pipeline:3 Settings]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:Excel table]]+[[spike analysis ​pipeline:4 Defining conditions]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:​Dataset convention]] 
-[[ePhys pipeline:TDT2Plexon]]+[[spike analysis ​pipeline:Pipeline overview]]
-[[ePhys pipeline:Spike analysis postprocessing]]+[[spike analysis ​pipeline:Intermediate Output]]
 +[[spike analysis pipeline:​Keys]]
 +[[spike analysis pipeline:​Defining conditions]]
-===== spike analysis pipeline ​=====+[[spike analysis pipeline:Space definition]]
-[[spike analysis pipeline:Pipeline overview]]+[[spike analysis pipeline:Statistics and tuning table]] 
 +[[spike analysis pipeline:​Population analysis:​Population PSTHs]]
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