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-q+====== ToDo ====== 
 +===== Work in progress ===== 
 +  * create complete handles template to skip GUI usage easily 
 +  * Combine TDT functions with internal DAG functions to have all in one folder? 
 +  * MAKE SURE FIRST_TRIAL_INI does not make problems when several blocks are inone run 
 +===== Resolved(?) bugs ===== 
 +  * strange bug for counters in TDT not being set correctly in the first trial, fixed in TDT RCO (on ??)... 
 +  * strange bug for counters in TDT not being set correctly in several trials in the beginning, probably due to random digital input (no idea where idea where that came from): Bac_20210826 - these trials are currently discarded in TDT_trial_struct 
 +  * in Linus_20150703,​ block 5, second trial has trial number 1, first trial somehting random - currently trial 1 is discarded in TDT_trial_struct if second trial has trial number 1 
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