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Electrode depth file

Find/create the electrode depth file corresponding to your monkey in the following location:
(replace username with your username, Monkey with the monkey's name and Mon with the first three letters of the monkey's name).
It should look like this:

k=k+1; Session{k}=20150508; block{k}=1; channels{k}= [3]; z{k}=[15000]; 
k=k+1; Session{k}=20150508; block{k}=2; channels{k}= [3]; z{k}=[15000]; 
k=k+1; Session{k}=20150508; block{k}=3; channels{k}= [1  3]; z{k}=[15735  14879]; 

Note that here each BLOCK has one line, channels contains only useful channels (there was an electrode which was not broken) and the depths (z) correspond to the channels. Electrode depths within certain range will be taken as the same LFP site and combined for waveclus sorting.

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