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Git Resources

DAG code repository:

Test repository to try things out: LOL

Really easy GUI client for Win or Mac:

Intuitive and more powerful client, Win, Linux, Mac:

Basic ideas:

1. Create repository:

2. For an existing repository:

2.1 When you are working on your own or sequentially (i.e. no concurrent edits)

GitHub: sync, change code, commit and sync (now you should see changes online)


GitEye: pull, change code, commit and push (now you should see changes online)

2.2 When editing concurrently (by >1 person) and doing the same as in 2.1:

Sync conflict!

<<<<<<< HEAD
% concurrent edit from IKDAG (after the file was already edited and committed from igor.broadmonk)
% concurrent edit from igor.broadmonk
>>>>>>> origin/master

Resolve conflicts, then commit and push/sync again

2.3 Working with branches

2.3.1 Create new branch

2.3.2 Do same as 2.1

2.3.3 Pull Request > New pull request > Create Pull Request > Merge pull request

More detailed help


(Note: Google Code has been discontinued as of 2015)

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