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 DAG code repository: ​ https://​​dagdpz DAG code repository: ​ https://​​dagdpz
-Test repository ​to try things out: https://​​dagdpz/​test ​LOL+Test repositories ​to try things out LOL 
 +https://​​dagdpz/​test ​ 
 Really easy GUI client for Win or Mac: https://​​ Really easy GUI client for Win or Mac: https://​​
 +for **the even more simple and intuitive previous version of GitHub**, use Y:​\Software\GitHub\GitHubSetup.exe
 Intuitive and more powerful client, Win, Linux, Mac: http://​​downloads/​giteye Intuitive and more powerful client, Win, Linux, Mac: http://​​downloads/​giteye
 +<WRAP center round important 60%>
 +To add repositories to MATLAB path, **excluding** .git, add the following in startup.m
 +<​code="​matlab">​addpath(genpath_exclude('​...Repos','​.git'​));​ % genpath_exclude function in Igtools/​external </​code>​
 ==== Basic ideas: ==== ==== Basic ideas: ====
 1. Create repository: ​ 1. Create repository: ​
 +New > 
 2. For an existing repository: 2. For an existing repository:
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