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NeuroElf pipeline


modification of original fmriquality with options for outliers analysis IK 2014

does not work with NE v1.0 (many @neuroelf\private function that are used inside are missing) : Finally, at the moment, the “problem detection” thresholds (to mark a volume as outliers) are fixed, but are likely to change in a future version.

Create VTC

Current issue that it doesn't work with monkey data - sag, cor and axi planes are confused in the resulting VTC.



This function relies on vtc.VOITimeCourse method, which has been changed from v0.9c → newer versions. The new method is AFT::VOITimeCourse, in versions v0.9d and 1.0, this method works only with TAL vois. The method vtc.VOITimeCourseOrig is kept for backward compatibility (works with both BV and TAL vois).

ne_era.m takes care of this:

	if strcmp('0.9c',v) || strcmp(voi.ReferenceSpace,'TAL'),
		tc = vtc.VOITimeCourse(voi)'; % each row - one roi tc
		tc = vtc.VOITimeCourseOrig(voi)'; 
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