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-{{ :​dag_logo_small.png?​300|}}+{{ :​dag_logo_small.png?​330}}
 Welcome to DAG@DPZ Wiki! Welcome to DAG@DPZ Wiki!
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 For editing and formatting rules, see [[wiki:​syntax]] instruction pages. For editing and formatting rules, see [[wiki:​syntax]] instruction pages.
 +**Note**: some instructions are organized via GoogleDocs DAG folder, assessable via yours or dag.labmember gmail account: https://​​authuser=0#​folders/​0B8170PnHBunGYzA2OGNjMTEtYTg5ZS00NzE4LTg1N2ItY2JlYTFhYzdiMmY3 ​
 +Lab website: http://​​dag
 +Code: https://​​dagdpz
 +Slack: http://​
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