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fMRI Experimental Design


Chris Rorden fMRI Simulator


optseq2 is a tool for automatically scheduling events for rapid-presentation event-related (RPER) fMRI experiments (the schedule is the order and timing of events):

Good explanation about optseq and event-related designs:

AFNI tools

Multiple Trial Type fMRI (mttfmri) MATLAB Toolbox


K. J. Friston, E. Zarahn, O. Josephs, R. N. A. Henson, A. M. Dale (1999) Stochastic Designs in Event-Related fMRI, NeuroImage, 10: 607-619. PMID: 10547338 friston1999_stochastic_designs_in_event-related_fmri.pdf

Design efficiency in fMRI:

MIT imaging library (with paper PDFs):

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