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Monkey (and human)

MNI Macaque Atlas

Scalable Brain Atlases (monkey | human)

Neuroimaging Informatics Tools and Resources Clearing house

The INIA19 primate brain atlas was created from over 100 structural MR scans of 19 rhesus macaque animals. The atlas currently comprises high-resolution T1-weighted average MR images with and without skull stripping, tissue probability maps, and a detailed parcellation map based on the NeuroMaps atlas.

Wisconsin ADRC Imaging Core Resource Pages, 112RM-SL atlas:

JIP MGH Templates for monkey brain:

Normalizing DARTEL Templates to MNI Space

Very high resolution postmortem, different modalities!

Conversion from macaque_atlas_WISC_112RM-SL to F99:

Reveley, C. et al., 2016. Three-Dimensional Digital Template Atlas of the Macaque Brain. Cerebral Cortex. Available at: [Accessed February 22, 2017].

– “Note that in contrast with other templates (e.g., Calabrese et al. 2015 ), the AC and posterior commissure was not used here to define the slicing angle.”

Local copies and corresponding BrainVoyager files

(Y: is DAG CNL server)



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