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Eye tracker setup

How to install view point and add the ethernet connection via a different port

  1. Ignore instructions of not connecting the eye tracker before driver installation
  2. Plug camera to USB3 port
  3. Run
  4. Copy the viewpoint folder
  5. If your eye tracker is not detected, update the driver for the device in the device manager
  6. Maybe your internet boards get screwed up during this process. Remove the uEye Service from the Network connection that you are using for the Internet connection. You don't need uEye service anyway.
  7. Change the TCP/IP PIv4 settings of the connection that uses the second board (connecting the two computers): server and client of one computer should be client and server of the other. For example on the eyetracker: IPaddress=, Standardgateway=; on the behavioural client: IPaddress=, Standardgateway=
  8. Address the correct board by typing the command

    in viewpoint software command line on your eye tracker computer. You will have to enable the command line window in the tab windows/command line

  9. Also copy the viewpoint folder to the client, start
  10. Allow access on the eyetracker side (firewall window pops up)
  11. If you do not get any packages even though everything seems properly connected (no error), make sure you are using the

    version which has been last updated in Nov. 2011 (from ViewPoint version, and not the one from July 2011 (v

  12. Modify

    (need to add the correct paths)

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